Virtual Reality

In the US, NBA fans have the ability to view select Live NBA games in virtual reality. This is not offered outside the US.

Oculus Venues is our sole provider for Virtual Reality in the US.

The VR schedule is located here. Directions for setting up the Oculus device are below.

  1. Power on your Oculus device and navigate to the home screen
  2. Search “Venues” and select the “Venues (beta early access)” app
  3. Download if needed and open the “Venues (beta early access)” app
  4. Navigate through the permissions screens to login to Facebook
  5. Follow on screen instructions to customize your avatar and navigate to the lobby
  6. Once in the lobby, navigate to the NBA game of your choosing and select subscribe
  7. At the date and time of the event, the event will be featured on your home screen after powering on your device


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