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A subscription for Suns Live gives fans living in the Phoenix Suns area access to local games, live and on-demand, and more for the entire season and offseason. Fans living in the Phoenix area can purchase a subscription to watch all locally televised games for the Phoenix Suns that were previously available only on your regional cable channel. 

Fans who reside in areas considered to be "in-market" for the Phoenix Suns can purchase a Suns Live subscription. Search for your zip code here to see if you are in the eligible market. A locally broadcast game is one that would usually be shown on your local regional sports channel, rather than a national channel such as ESPN, NBA TV or TNT. All games broadcast on your local regional sports channel will be available for viewing with Suns Live. National blackouts will apply when a game is broadcast exclusively on a national TV channel.

Suns Live offers an annual subscription that will renew annually, 365 days after purchase. You will be notified 30 days prior to being charged. Suns Live also offers a monthly subscription that will renew every 30 days unless cancelled. To see pricing for Suns packages, please visit the packages page here

If you are a fan living outside the local market, please visit here for information on NBA Team Pass. 

How can I access my Suns Live Subscription?

You can access your Suns Live subscription through the NBA App across our supported devices,, the website, or through the Phoenix Suns Team app on any of their supported devices, which includes Roku, Android TV, Apple TV, Amazon FireTV, and Android mobile and iPhone. Simply login with your NBA ID that was used to purchase Suns Live to start watching games!

For instructions on how to view games on NBA platforms, see below.

Via the NBA App:

  1. Sign into your NBA ID account
  2. Select ‘Games’ 
  3. Select the Phoenix Suns game
  4. Select ‘Watch Live’ to watch the game.* If the game has already finished, you can select the Suns feed from the streaming options

*Blackouts do apply for nationally televised games

Can I still watch Suns games when traveling?

Suns Live is available to Phoenix and local-market based fans. Fans who have purchased Suns Live can still access their subscription even when they are away from the local market, traveling domestically within a 30-day period

Can I purchase both a Suns Live and a League Pass Subscription?

Yes! Suns Live is the only way to watch locally televised games without a cable or satellite subscription if you live in-market. If you would like to have access to games from other teams, you can purchase a League Pass subscription in addition to your Suns Live subscription. Head to the link here to purchase an NBA League Pass. National and Local blackouts will still apply for all other teams.

Can I try Suns Live for free?

Both the Suns Live Annual and monthly subscriptions offer a 7 day free trial. At the end of 7 days, you will automatically be billed into the chosen subscription. If you would like to cancel before the end of your 7-day free trial, follow the steps here to cancel your subscription. You will need to cancel your subscription before the 7 day period ends to avoid being billed. 

What game streams are available with Suns Live

Suns Live subscribers will have access to the Phoenix Suns feed of the game.

If I am having issues with Suns Live, where do I go?

If you are having issues with your purchase or watching games on or the NBA app, please reach out to our support team here

If you are signed in and having issues watching games on, please reach out to the support team here

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