NBA Play

What is NBA Play?

NBA Play is a centralized destination where fans can play daily games. The games include NBA Blast, NBA Hoop Connect, NBA Rank, NBA IQ, NBA Full Court Guess and NBA Player Path. 

Where can I access NBA Play?

Fans can access NBA Play from and in the NBA App. 

Where can I find the games?

Games will live on and throughout the and NBA App. 

On the NBA App

  1. Sign into the NBA App
  2. Navigate to the Discover tab
  3. Select NBA Play

What games are available?

To see specific games available and how to play them, visit here. 

What time do new games go live? 

New versions of games launch at 9am ET each morning. 

Can I play games multiple times in one sitting?

Anyone can play each game once per day. NBA ID members can sign in to play additional games or previous versions of games. Create your free NBA ID at

Can I share my scores?

Yes, fans can share their scores upon completion of a game through the ‘share’ button

What is the NBA Blast Leaderboard?

With an NBA ID, fans can join the NBA Blast Leaderboard to compare your results to other fans. If you would like to remove your display name from the Leaderboard, please reach out to the support team here.

Can I earn a badge for participation? 

NBA ID members will earn the "Player" badge the first time they play a game, and the "Player Weekly Streak" badge can be earned each week by playing 3 times in one week. Make sure you're signed in with your NBA ID so your progress is counted. You can admire all the badges you've earned in your Hall of Fandom, located at You may need to sign in with your NBA ID to gain access.

I played a game. Why don't I see the "Player" badge in my Hall of Fandom?

First, make sure you're signed in with your NBA ID when playing any games to make sure your badge progress is counted. If you're sure you're signed in, wait up to 24 hours for your badge to appear as we update the Hall of Fandom daily with your latest hardware.

If I’m having trouble with a game, where can I reach out to?

If you are having issues with NBA Play, please reach out to our support team here.

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