League Pass with DirecTV in Latin America

How do I access NBA League Pass with DirecTV?

DirecTV has partnered with the NBA to bring its users all the best NBA action.

If you have any issues accessing your DirecTV discounted NBA League Pass subscription, please contact support here. If you are looking for League Pass with DirecTV in the US, please visit here.

What do I get with my NBA League Pass subscription through DirecTV?

Your discounted NBA League Pass subscription through DirecTV provides you with access to all the best NBA games and highlights! Specifically, your subscription includes the following:

  • Live games – most pre-season, all regular season, Playoffs & Finals
  • Condensed Games – all regular season, Playoffs & Finals games (10-15 mins in length)
  • Rapid Replay – includes in-game highlights from all games
  • Current NBA TV Programming – select episodes & studio clips
  • Archive Programming (e.g. NBA Action, Inside Stuff)

What NBA League Pass subscriptions can I purchase via DirecTV?

NBA League Pass Monthly

What platforms can I use to access my discounted NBA League Pass account through DirecTV?

You can activate your NBA League Pass subscription through DirecTV via web.

What platforms can I use to enjoy my NBA League Pass account?

Once activated, you can enjoy your discounted NBA League Pass subscription through DirecTV on any NBA supported platforms in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Uruguay

I am having issues with my DirecTV account. What should I do?

For additional assistance, please visit the League Pass page or contact the DirecTV support team by visiting the URLs below:


NBA League Pass link: https://www.directv.com.ar/comprar/canales-premium/nba-league-pass

Support Team: https://www.directv.com.ar/ayuda/home/contactenos.html



NBA League Pass: https://www.directv.cl/comprar/canales-premium/nba-league-pass

Support Team: https://www.directv.cl/ayuda/home/contactenos.html



NBA League Pass: https://www.directv.com.co/comprar/canales-premium/nba-league-pass [directv.com.co]

Support Team https://www.directv.com.co/ayuda/home/bienvenidos/regulacion/medios-de-atencion-servicio-al-cliente.html [directv.com.co]



NBA League Pass: https://www.directv.com.ec/comprar/canales-premium/nba-league-pass

Support Team: https://www.directv.com.ec/ayuda/home/contactenos.html



NBA League Pass: https://www.directv.com.pe/comprar/canales-premium/nba-league-pass [directv.com.pe]

Support Team: https://www.directv.com.pe/ayuda/home/contactenos.html [directv.com.pe]



NBA League Pass: https://www.directv.com.uy/comprar/canales-premium/nba-league-pass

Support Team: https://www.directv.com.uy/ayuda/home/contactenos.html


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