NBA ID Badges

What are Badges and how can I earn them? 

Badges are a celebration of your passion for the game and let you show off how great a fan you are. 

You can earn Badges in a variety of ways, from repping your favorite team in the NBA App to watching hours of games on League Pass. Once you earn a Badge, you can tap it for more details or share it on socials to brag to your fellow fans. 


How can I check my Badges? 

You can check your NBA ID Badges by signing in either online or on the NBA App and selecting Benefits, Voting, Badges in your profile. 

Tap the Badges tab at the top of your screen to see all the Badges you’ve earned and those waiting for you to claim. 

To access on web: 

  1. Log in or create your NBA ID account 
  2. On your Member Profile Manage Account page, select “view” Benefits, Voting, Badges 
  3. Click the Badges tab at the top of the page 

To access on the app: 

  1. Log in or create your NBA ID 
  2. If you have not selected a favorite team or players you will be prompted to do so 
  3. From your Member Profile Page select Benefits, Voting, Badges 
  4. Tap “Badges” at the top of the screen 


One of my Badges is no longer available - what happened to it? 

Some Badges are only available for a limited time (typically the length of the season). You can check the latest list of available Badges here

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