NBA ID Benefits

What are NBA ID Benefits and how do I get them?

NBA ID Benefits and rewards are how the NBA recognizes fans for being fans. NBA ID members can earn Benefits like early on-sale windows, special event experiences and behind the scenes access to the NBA.  

Benefits are available to NBA ID members based on their specific fandom, interests and how they engage with the NBA.   


How do I access my NBA ID Benefits?

If you used to have an NBA Account, you can use those credentials to sign in. 

Otherwise, you can sign up for NBA ID here

Once you’ve signed up, you can always access your NBA ID Benefits by selecting Benefits, Voting, Badges in your profile either online or on the NBA App

To access on web: 

  1. Log into or create your NBA ID account
  2. On your Member Profile Manage Account page, select “view” Benefits, Voting, Badges

To access on the app: 

  1. Log into or create your NBA ID
  2. If you have not selected a favorite team or players you will be prompted to do so
  3. From your Member Profile Page select Benefits, Voting, Badges


Why don’t I have a benefit someone else has?

The NBA ID Benefits you can access are based on how you engage with the league. That means you may get different Benefits than someone else. 

The more you use your NBA ID, the more Benefits you have a chance of being eligible for. 

You can check the latest list of available Benefits here


One of my Benefits is no longer available – what happened to it?

Some Benefits are only available for a limited time – you can check the latest list of available Benefits here

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