What is an NBA ID?

An NBA ID is a free account created with an email to receive access to personalized content based on your favorite players and teams, game and team highlights, email newsletters to keep you up to date on news, and the ability to purchase a League Pass subscription. With an NBA ID you can personalize the NBA App to include favorite team and player content.

NBA ID also grants you exclusive access to more of what you love about the league. When you sign in, you can instantly enjoy tons of benefits including:  

  • NBA partner discounts and early access to merch, event tickets, and more
  • Exclusive behind-the-scenes content of your favorite players and teams across devices
  • Voting on key league decisions, including unique player awards and 4x All-Star votes
  • Badges you can share across socials to show off your fandom

If you used to have an NBA Account, you can use those credentials to sign in! 


How do I start?

NBA ID is fast and easy to join. If you used to have an NBA Account, you can use those credentials to sign in. 

Otherwise, you can sign up for NBA ID here

Once you’ve signed up, you can always access your NBA ID benefits by selecting Benefits, Voting, Badges in your profile either online or on the NBA App


How much does it cost?

NBA ID is completely free to join - you get benefits just for being a fan.


Who is eligible to create an NBA ID?

NBA ID is currently available everywhere in the world, outside of China and Japan. 

NBA ID is not supported in countries where the NBA App is not available:

Belarus, Cuba, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iran, Kosovo, North Korea, Russia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria 

You must 13 years or older to join. 


How do I delete my NBA ID

You can delete your NBA ID here.  

This action is permanent, and you will lose access to all account-related features of your NBA ID, including all benefits and any associated subscriptions such as NBA League Pass 


What happened to my NBA Account? How is my NBA ID the same/different from an NBA Account?

Your NBA Account is now NBA ID, meaning you now have access to exclusive benefits just for being a fan. 

Your NBA ID uses your former NBA Account credentials, and you can use it to manage your preferences and subscription information just like you used to. 


Can I have more than one NBA ID?

You can have one NBA ID account per email address. Benefits, Voting, and Badges will be specific to each NBA ID.  

The more you use your specific NBA ID, the more benefits you have a chance of being eligible for. 


How does the NBA use my information?

Please visit https://www.nba.com/privacy-policy to view details on what information we collect and how that information is used.


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