What is ClipperVision?

ClipperVision is the easiest way to watch Clippers games at home or on the go in the LA area. For the first time, LA-based Clippers fans can watch live games without an expensive cable or satellite subscription, right from their smartphone, smart TV or computer. 

What games are available for viewing via ClipperVision?

70+ local games are available for live and on-demand viewing within ClipperVision. Only nationally broadcast games are unavailable for viewing.

How much does ClipperVision cost?

ClipperVision offers a 7-day free trial, after which the cost is $199/season. The upfront fee unlocks the full capabilities of the ClipperVision experience, including games, a limited-edition jacket and access to Bally Sports+. Prices are subject to change throughout the season. ClipperVision is available for purchase here. Your billing zip code will need to be in the LA area to be eligible for access to Bally Sports+. 

Which devices are compatible with ClipperVision?

You can watch ClipperVision from all devices the NBA App is supported.  For a list of NBA App supported devices, please visit here.

What content streams and features are available via ClipperVision?

You can select from multiple live streams and VODs within ClipperVision, including: 

  • Traditional Clippers Broadcasts (through BallySports+) - Live game feeds from Bally Sports SoCal and KTLA featuring traditional on-air talent and graphics
  • BallerVision – Featuring guest host commentators including Steve Ballmer, Paul Pierce, and an exciting line-up of well-known Clippers fans
  • CourtVision – Live stream with layered augmented graphics showing real-time shot probability and statistics
  • CourtVision Mascot Mode – Live stream that incorporates fan-friendly animations, graphics, and special effects
  • Korean language – Live stream featuring analysis and commentary in Korean
  • Spanish language - Live stream featuring analysis and commentary in Spanish
  • On-demand viewing - Catch up on the action after the final buzzer, with full-length games, condensed games and highlights.

Also, catch up on the action after the final buzzer, with full-length games, condensed games and highlights.

How long do I have access to ClipperVision once my free trial ends?

You will have access for the full season on ClipperVision and Bally Sports+ after being charged once your free trial period ends. 

How can I access my subscription to ClipperVision?

Access your subscription to ClipperVision through the NBA App and Simply login with your NBA ID that was used to purchase ClipperVision, and access the Clippers game from the full team schedule. 

Via the NBA App: 

  1. Select ‘Games’
  2. Select ‘Game Details’ on the LA Clippers game
  3. Select ‘Watch Live’ to launch ClipperVision

Via (desktop)

  1. Click “ClipperVision” under the “Watch” tab.
  2. Click “Games” then “Game Details.” From there, click “Watch Live on​” to launch ClipperVision.

Via (desktop):

  1. Click “Join” to subscribe and watch. 
  2. Click “Watch Now Schedule” ”Watch” to launch ClipperVision.

Via Connected Devices and Supported TVs

  1. Launch the NBA League App. (Install app and/or authenticate your subscription, if needed.)
  2. Click “Games” then “Games Details” on the LA Clippers game. 
  3. From there, click “Watch Live” to launch ClipperVision.

Where can I watch ClipperVision?

ClipperVision is available to LA-based fans, as authenticated by their billing ZIP code at the time of subscription. Subscribers can still access ClipperVision even when they are away from the LA market, traveling domestically, within a 30-day period. 

What happens if I’m traveling? Can I still watch Clippers Games?

Yes! ClipperVision is available to subscribers when they travel domestically within a 30-day period. 

When will my limited-edition jacket arrive?

You should receive your jacket 4-6 weeks after purchasing ClipperVision. 

When does my ClipperVision subscription renew?

Your subscription will renew before the start of the next season. Fans will be notified 30 days prior to being charged. 

What content will be available during the offseason?

ClipperVision will be hosting a variety of exciting summer content, including Summer League games.

Can I purchase both a ClipperVision and League Pass Subscription?

ClipperVision is the only way to watch all locally-televised Clippers games without a cable subscription. Yes, if you would like to have access to games for other teams, you can purchase a League Pass subscription in addition to your ClipperVision subscription. Head to the link here to purchase an NBA League Pass. National and Local blackouts will still apply for all other teams.

How do I access my complimentary Bally Sports+ subscription? Upon registering for ClipperVision, you should have received an email from Bally Sports+ with the details of your subscription.

If I am having issues, where do I go?

If you are having issues signing in or watching games, please reach out to our support team here.

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